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this bird you cannot change*
Ordinary!Castiel, of the stoner variety.

Cas was born into an affluent, extremely religious family. His upbringing was sheltered and strict; he and his brothers had limited exposure to the outside world as their father believed that the sins of the general public would taint their faith. He attended private schools where he excelled, though his education was skewed by his family's religious beliefs. It was all Cas knew, and he was comfortable living that way, never questioning his father's judgement. He was obedient. He was happy.

His mother, apparently, was not; depressed and isolated, she eventually took her own life sometime during Cas's early 20s, while he was in the process of becoming a priest. His father was killed in an accident a few years later, though there was some doubt as to whether it was truly an accident. This drove a wedge between Cas- who couldn't understand why the God he'd planned on devoting his life to had allowed this to happen- and his brothers- who insisted that he ought to have faith in God's plan.

After a few years of trying to connect with his family and continue his religious education- and failing miserably across the board due to his lack of faith- he dropped out of the seminary and moved as far away from them as possible, using the substantial amount of money his parents had left for him in their will. He spent time traveling, doing all of the things he was denied the chance to do as a child and avoiding his brothers' calls like the plague- as far as he was concerned they abandoned him.

During his travels, he developed a fondness for the more pleasurable aspects of life- i.e. drugs, sex, and whatever else caught his attention. He also became interested in other religions other than the one he was raised in-- he's a deeply spiritual creature by nature, despite his bitterness toward the God he'd been raised to love and trust... Though it expresses itself now in a much different way than Sunday school. He's a bit of a hippy.

Currently he lives in an apartment, working short-term, low stress jobs in new-agey bookstores and coffee shops to pay the rent, having blown much of his inheritance on traveling. He remains estranged from his brothers- he'd tried to contact them individually but those calls hadn't gone well and he's trying to resign himself to the fact that they're not going to be welcoming him back into the family any time soon. Apparently their God's love and mercy doesn't extend to him anymore.

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